Thrive Summit 2018 is the premier conference on employee wellbeing and engagement, uniting inspirational speakers, industry insiders, and HR leaders representing a broad range of industries and geographies. 

Thrive sponsors are part of an exclusive group of partners sharing business solutions with our attendees. The Thrive 2018 event focuses on how to harness the power of employee wellbeing to engage your workforce, build empowering cultures, and drive exceptional business performance.

Thanks to our 2018 Thrive Sponsors!


higi empowers employees to measure, track and act on their health. Through a nationwide network of 11,000+ FDA-cleared self-screening stations, higi enables employers to better reach targeted employee populations, collect their biometric and other social determinant health data and motivate them to take desired health actions.

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Landit is a technology platform created to increase the success and engagement of women in the workplace. Landit's turnkey "one size fits one" solution enables companies to more successfully invest in and create a compelling women's experience to attract, develop, and retain high-potential diverse talent.

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LifeSpeak is the digital well-being platform that helps best-in-class employers keep their employees engaged, healthy, and thriving. Our platform is packed with 1800+ videos, podcasts, and tip sheets delivered by leading experts who cover topics from mental health and financial well-being to relationships and eldercare.

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meQuilibrium is the engagement and performance solution that harnesses behavioral psychology and neuroscience to allow your employees to discover and master the skills needed to overcome obstacles, increase agility, gain adaptive capacity, and transform your organization. Unlock the power of resilient people and agile teams.

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The Mercer Financial Wellness uses behavioral data and insightful design to encourage employees to take immediate actions to improve their financial health with trusted tools and providers. Mercer is a global human resources consulting leader, helping clients around the world advance the health, wealth and careers of their most vital asset – their people.

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O.C. Tanner

O.C. Tanner, global leader in engaging workplace cultures, helps thousands of top companies empower people to accomplish and appreciate great work. 25 of the Fortune 100 Best Companies To Work For® use an O.C. Tanner solution. Make your culture a magnet for great talent.

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Through a personalized platform, Peerfit makes it easy for employers, brokers, and insurance carriers, to provide local fitness classes and wellness experiences for their clients and employees through corporate wellness programs.

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For a happier, healthier, workforce: SelfHelpWorks online video-based courses eliminate stubborn, unhealthy habits that are too deeply ingrained to break with standard wellness programming. Obesity, unhealthy eating, smoking, stress, inactivity, alcohol abuse, poor sleep, diabetes. The courses are engaging, highly effective, and employees love them!

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Big Health creates workplace mental health solutions that help your whole population sleep better, feel happier, and worry less. Their first solution Sleepio, is a digital sleep improvement program that is clinically proven to improve depression and anxiety in a highly engaging way using the stigma-free topic of sleep.

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Wellness Checkpoint

Wellness Checkpoint® is a global, multilingual health risk assessment that considers the well-being of the whole person, at work and outside of work. Supporting informed business decisions, Wellness Checkpoint helps manage business risk and enhance user’s health, well-being and productivity.

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Wellness Corporate Solutions

Wellness Corporate Solutions, LLC (WCS) is a best-in-class, nationwide provider of biometric screenings and health education. With our cutting edge technology and unparalleled service, WCS has successfully delivered services to over 700 public- and private-sector clients, including Fortune 100 companies with more than 150,000 employees.

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Whil is the only digital wellbeing training solution for professionals, by professionals. Employees access 200+ programs and over 1,250 sessions on-demand to reduce stress, increase resiliency and improve their sleep and performance. Whil's programs are based in science, mindfulness and positive psychology and created to address the largest stress and healthcare cost-drivers for companies. Whil works with the world's top brands and integrates with Virgin Pulse to train happier, healthier and more engaged employees.

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Zipongo is Eating Well Made Simple. Zipongo's platform enables digital nutrition support for large employers, health plans and health systems, and provides food utility tools to families that make it easier to consistently select and buy healthy food people love. Zipongo provides trusted food selection and buying environments for cooking and eating prepared meals, that meet the needs of diverse groups of people, with tools ranging from meal planning, recipes, grocery rewards and online grocery ordering, to menu coaching and mobile meal ordering. Zipongo's HIPAA secure software-as-a-service platform is built to meet people where they are—at home, at work, or on the go, and deliver robust, anonymized population analytics back to enterprises. 

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