Shawn Achor

Leading Psychology Expert, Bestselling Author and Top TED Talk Speaker

Co-Founder & CEO, GoodThink

David Katz, MD

Nutrition, Weight Management & Chronic Disease Prevention Expert

Founding Director of Yale University's Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Center & the True Health Initiative


Susan David, Ph.D.

Author of Emotional Agility, Award-winning Psychologist

Co-Founder of the Institute of Coaching, Harvard Medical School


Tony Tjan

Entrepreneur, Strategic Adviser and Venture Investor

Founder and Managing Partner, The Cue Ball Group

Hannah Ubl

Generational Expert, Millennial Perspective

Research Director, Keynote Speaker & Consultant, BridgeWorks


Scott Zimmer

Generational Expert, Generation X Perspective

Keynote Speaker & Consultant, BridgeWorks